The Center for Discovery, an institution providing access to groundbreaking research for a myriad of complex disabilities to people of all ages, has significantly expanded in Sullivan County and was a MHREDC Round II Priority Project.

The Center has become a magnet institution where individuals with intellectual and physical challenges from around the world travel to receive highly advanced care and access to research. The Center offers residential, medical and special education programs to over 1,200 children, adults and families annually.

One of the largest providers of services in its field, The Center for Discovery was recently designated as a Center of Excellence in New York State. Some of the nation’s leading researchers are engaged with the Center, advancing the team’s understanding of best practices and supporting the Center’s efforts to significantly elevate the standard of care throughout the state.

The Center recently undertook a nearly $32 million project to construct 5 homes and rehabilitate a number of other buildings in the Hamlet of Hurleyville, Town of Thompson. The homes were designed to provide their residents – who would have once been housed in a carefully monitored hospital setting – a more independent living experience.

The other rehabilitated buildings in the hamlet provide space for supplemental services in community-based settings such as a maker’s lab, as well as other day/ educational programs that expand research, intervention and residential services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and medical complexities, including autism spectrum disorders.

Hurleyville has become a nationally renowned model for inclusive and sustainable living, providing opportunities for community members and adult residents alike through various business ventures on Main Street, artisanal studios for pottery and fiber arts, a strong connection to the Center’s Department of Nourishment Arts and more.

With state of the art equipment, the Hurleyville Maker’s Lab houses The Center’s universal design team, artist in residency program, and is open to the community for membership. 3D printers, video production rooms, wood shop equipped with tools, and a ceramic studio are just a small glimpse at the equipment and resources available at The Maker’s Lab. This lab provides a natural collaborative space where innovative ideas are manifested, community relations are fostered, and parent/child partnerships grow.

Located in the heart of main street the Hurleyville Arts Centre will be home to a state- of- the- art theatre hosting a dance school, public performances, movie showings, and many other community events.

Offering high-quality local and organic products while showcasing handmade goods from local artists, the Hurleyville Market on Main Street makes nutritious food and quality products available to visitors while providing work for individuals in the community.

These rehabilitated spaces in the hamlet have revitalized a once shuttered main street into a thriving downtown. And the Center continues to have significant impact beyond just the Mid-Hudson Region, nationally and globally affecting both the financial and social costs of Autism and other disabilities.

The Center currently has 1,432 full time employees and as a result of this project has created 209 of its committed 231 net new jobs by January 2018. This project continues to be of significant regional importance due to its significant impact upon the financial and social costs of Autism and other disabilities.

The MHREDC recommended The Center for Discovery’s expansion project as a Priority Project in Round II of the REDC process, and the project was awarded a $2.5 million grant in 2012 from the ESD Capital Grant Fund.