CFA Process Guide

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The CFA allows applicants to be considered for multiple sources of funding for a project by filling out just one application. To apply for a grant, you must first register and identify the project for which funds are sought. On the registration page, enter an email address, organization name, and project name. Prior to selecting “Register New Application,” you must answer the security question at the bottom of the page.

CFA Overview

Detailed step-by-step guide to filling out a CFA.

Select Programs

The ‘Program List’ is the default page for CFA Program Selection and it lists all open CFA programs applicants may apply to. New and returning applicants may use the program category boxes at the top of the program selection page to narrow down their choice of programs or to find a program they already know they want to apply to.

The “Program Wizard” is also an option, and this enables applicants that may not be aware of all the resources to choose categories and project types that align with the scope of their project in order to see which programs they may want to apply to.

Available Resources

Learn more about the resources available.

Program Webinars and FAQs

Learn more about the programs.

Complete Questionnaire

You have the ability to navigate forward and backward through the application using the navigator at the top of every screen. To go to a specific section of the application, you hover over a section. The topics associated with the section will appear.

You must answer one or more Threshold Questions to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for the programs you have selected.

A “Click Here for Question Requirements” button appears under many of the Threshold Questions. Selecting this option will expand a text box that provides a detailed explanation or instructions relating to the question.

Program Questions

Detailed information about Threshold Questions.

Review Application

Once you answer all the questions on your application, select the Save and Proceed button at the bottom of the screen. If you did not answer required questions, a red circle will display next to the questions section. You must go back and complete the required questions before you can finalize and submit your application.

To finalize and submit your application, you should click the dark blue button labeled “By Clicking here….” at the bottom of the screen. After you finalize and submit your application, it cannot be modified or amended.

After you submit your application, you will receive a thank you message as well as an e-mail message that acknowledges receipt of your application. You will still be able to login using your registered email address and token to review your finalized application, print, or start a new application for a new project.