Zoo Education Complex

The Seneca Park Zoo Society has a critical need to revamp its current Education facility. We plan to expand and improve our facility with a two-unit Education Complex located in two separate areas of the Zoo. One of these modular structures will be located at the front of the Zoo and be utilized for Education Animal Housing. The other modular structure will be located across from the ZOT Zone interactive building and classrooms and serve as our Education Program Offices. Our long-range plan includes converting these program offices into additional classrooms. Currently, both the education animal housing and education offices coexist in the same, out of date trailer structure, now more than ten years old. This Education Complex will allow for greater opportunities in the Zoo?s educational programming. We will have more space for additional education animals to be included into our collection, which will enable the Zoo to provide a wider variety of educational programs on a more frequent basis to the Rochester community. Existing programs that utilize our education office space for volunteers (ie: ECCO Leadership, ZooTeens, Docent and Explorer programs) will be improved with the new Education Complex structure as well. Along with this, both of the units will increase our energy efficiency and increase safety for both animals and people respectively.
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Park Acquisition, Development and Planning
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Seneca Park Zoo Society
Finger Lakes
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