Bear Mountain Trails

Trails for People is a permanent public exhibition designed to introduce the millions of non-hikers who visit Bear Mountain each year to the Appalachian Trail, trail building, wilderness etiquette, and hiking. This interpretive plaza will engage visitors in an active learning experience by providing a family-friendly, interactive and engaging walk-through demonstration and interpretive area.Strategically located adjacent to the Bear Mountain Inn and Hessian Lake, at the junction of three historic hiking trails, the exhibition will serve as a gateway to thousands of acres of backcountry habitat. It will be built largely by New York-New Jersey Trail Conference volunteers, under the supervision and coordination of professionals and will consist of five key exhibit areas: 1. Trail Activity Stations2. The Interpretive Plaza3. The Amphitheater and Gathering Place4. The Wheelchair-Accessible Trail5. The Demonstration Trail Exhibit components and features will serve as self-directed and self-explanatory teaching tools. Stone steps, turnpikes, and treadways, stone culverts, bridges and puncheons will be constructed on site, using sustainable, durable, natural materials and according to the same methods as would be used in the field. Trails For People will be open to the public whenever the park is open.
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Park Acquisition, Development and Planning
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New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
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