Tryon Technology Park Primary Electric Upgrade

The Industrial Development Agency (IDA) acquired the former Tryon State Juvenile Detention Facility along CR107 in the Town of Perth and is in the process of converting the property into the Tryon Technology Park. To date, a new access road has been constructed to serve all of the lots in the Technology Park. New water and sewer lines have also been installed with additional infrastructure projects planned that will provide additional water and sewer capacity to the Park. When the IDA acquired Tryon, they also acquired the primary electric service that provides all of the electric to the park. In 2015, Vireo Health received one of the 5 licenses to grow and process medical cannabis at Tryon. Vireo is heavily dependent on reliable power in order to continue to produce and provide the life services medical cannabis for patients demanding an alternative drug to treat their life threatening illness. Since 2015, there have been 5 power outages due to the inadequate and aging primary electric service at Tryon.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Fulton County
Mohawk Valley
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