Caribbean Food Delights Capital

The project is a plant expansion of Caribbean Food Delights, Inc. food manufacturing facility located in Tappan, New York (Rockland County). The expansion will be approximately 30,000 square feet including adding second floors. This expansion will allow the addition of two production lines to the current facility. The company will hire additional long term employees to man/supervise these new production line(s) upon completion of the plant construction. The first production line will be purchased and installed immediately upon completion of the expansion in 2019 with the second production line added in the next 2-4 years based on customer demand. This project includes the purchase of equipment for one (1) food manufacturing line line costing approximately $14 million dollars plus the cost of construction estimated to cost $9 million dollars. These additional lines will require the hiring of additional full time long term employees. The construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in early 2019. The other option under consideration would be moving to a larger facility possibly out of state based on the cost and availability of a building and/or land to purchase.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Caribbean Food Delights Inc
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