Organic Feed Processing Plant

[div]Livingston County Ag and Feed (LCAF) Processing Plant will support is farm production demand of the world population that is estimated to increase 30% to 9.0 billion by 2050. Farm production as a whole will need to increase 70% to accommodate this population demand. In addition, 40% of the production will be needed to support feed production for agriculture use alone. [br /][br /]LCAF will be the only plant within 200 miles to provide certified organic dehydrated alfalfa as a protein-rich component to organic feed for the poultry and beef industries, fruit and vegetable drying and dehydration, Pellet production for wood stoves.[/div] [div] [/div] [div]Agreement to purchase a 6 acre parcel from American Rock Salt in the former Restoff Salt Mine located at 3384 Retsof Rd, Piffard. We have also located an existing alfalfa dehydration and pelleting equipment operating in Illinois and have made two trips to review condition, layout, and compliance for this project.[/div] [br /]LCAF will also support the regional anti-poverty initiative by employing local workforce poverty level individuals. We expect the operation to be up-and-running within 14 to 16 months at receipt of funds with a target start date Fall 2018.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Livingston County Ag and Feed Processing Plant
Finger Lakes
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