TMP Acquisitions

This project will be for a major addition to our current line of products with a fortune 100 customer. It will take place at our current facility at 205 Dingens St., Buffalo, NY 14206. It will require the design and build of two packaging lines, one high precision saw, and one compression unit. Additional packaging lines, saws and compression units may be necessary in the future, depending on the success of the new product line. Ancillary equipment will also be necessary.

In addition to this new capability, we will also be further automating our existing equipment to reach higher capacities and deliver a more cost effective product in our efforts for continuing improvement. Constantly improving our ability to manufacture these products is crucial if we are to continue to maintain this business.

This expansion will reduce our storage capacity necessitating the need for expansion or the acquisition into a new building.
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Western New York
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