PPC Broadband, Inc.

PPC Broadbank, Inc. will invest approximately $50,000,000 to expand their operations in Central NY. This project will create a 500,000 SF manufacturing facility to expand existing operations including reshoring portions of its manufacturing operations. PPC is currently considering 3 options: Option 1 - construct an expansion at its existing location. The existing manufacturing facility is at maximum capacity, with limited adjacent land to accommodate a footprint expansion; design team is looking at this. Option 2 - construct a new facility on vacant land. PPC is seeking to construct on ~30 acres of vacant land, or Option 3 - acquire and renovate an existing vacant building. The final facility is envisioned to be a 500,000 SF facility to include ~75,000 SF of offices, ~25,000 SF lab, ~150,000 SF of manufacturing and assembly, and ~250,000 SF warehouse and distribution center. Five separate phases of expansion (implemented one each year) will follow, creating more than 175 new full-time jobs and retaining the existing 368 jobs. The cost of the construction/renovation portion of the project is estimated at $27 million, with an additional $23 million in machinery and equipment.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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PPC Broadband, Inc.
Central New York
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