Little Bird Kitchen Co-Packing Expansion

Little Bird Kitchen owns and operates a lot of equipment food companies need to manufacture their products. We are able to utilize our production space 24 hours a day, create jobs and expand our operational capabilities to help other small businesses succeed. Most of the food companies we have discussed co-packing with are packaging their products in stand-up pouches. Whether the pouches are pre-printed or a stock pouch with a sticker attached, they are a relatively inexpensive means to get to market and stay in budget. Little Bird Kitchen has the potential to change the business models for 50-150 local businesses looking to expand but are too small for the larger co-packers.Our interest is to help the community, with this production equipment we have the potential to add MORE shifts, MORE employees and MORE Co-packing opportunities to help MORE small and family owned businesses succeed. With the help of the Excelsior Jobs Program we hope to be able to hire 5-10 manufacturing employees in the next 3 years.
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Little Bird Kitchen
Long Island
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