Dahlstrom Expansion

Dahlstrom has grown over the past 10 years & the building that we currently occupy is no longer sufficient. We have options we are considering which include our current facility with improvements & long term lease, a facility West of Jamestown in Chautauqua County, a facility in Cattaraugus county, & a build to suit location in PA This application has been prepared to support our first option, staying in our current location.
(1) Dahlstrom has been in business for over 100 years & started as a provider of architectural metal moldings used for decorative interior trim. We have several hundred sets of forming tools to create the historic moldings out of steel, copper, bronze, brass & other types of finished metals. We have heavily marketed the "revitalization" of metal as a unique interior design component over the last few years resulting in a substantial increase in activity. In order to take our products to the next step we need additional equipment, engineering effort, & distribution. In 5 years we intend on being THE premier supplier of custom metal moldings in the world.
(2) Dahlstrom currently supplies components to a leading PV solar panel mounting system company who has a significant share of the US commercial flat roof solar development market. Our customer has developed a new cost competitive product along with a simplified distribution & design package. This new product will replace the product which uses the components we currently supply. We have a long successful history with this customer but they are also looking at a US competitor in the South & India for the new product supplier. We are still being considered but we need equipment and tooling to be able to compete. The amount of business from this client is currently about $2MM per year in sales. The new product line is projected to reach $7MM per year in sales by year 2 due to increased market share and expansion into Canada and Mexico. We cannot afford to invest in all that is required on our own.
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