Dynalec Corporation

Dynalec Corporation was founded in Rochester, NY in 1960. This small family business provides extensive engineering development and manufacturing of on-board sound and communication equipment for navies worldwide. Dynalec's first product was an entertainment center for the U.S. Navy. As our product line grew, in 1973, we moved to a larger facility in Sodus, New York. We currently employ approximately 120 individuals in a wide array of dynamic positions at our two locations in Sodus.
Dynalec has currently achieved a level of production that necessitates the need for expansion – specifically the expansion of our metal production. After careful consideration of expansion in areas outside of NY, Dynalec has chosen instead to invest in the local Sodus economy by expanding the existing metal shop by approximately 11,000 square feet. The decision to expand locally will generate approximately 5-8 highly skilled metal shop positions while retaining the 19 metal shop positions currently in place. With the construction of the structure, the extension of utilities to the new structure and the addition of 2-4 new pieces of metal shop machinery, the total cost of the expansion project is estimated at $1,100,000.00. The project will be internally funded by Dynalec Corporation.

The new structure will consist of an insulated steel frame structure located adjacent to an existing Dynalec location at 79 Rotterdam Road, Sodus NY. The structure will consist of approximately 11,000 - 12,000 square feet to be used as an expansion of our existing metal shop. We anticipate machinery costs are approximately $250,000 - $500,000. This expansion will allow an increase of approximately 40% in our metal shop production which will have a significant impact on our throughput production.
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Dynalec Corporation, Inc.
Finger Lakes
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