Cryomech Manufacturing Facility

Cryomech, Inc. will invest approximately $16,980,680 ($10,044,726 will be invested by Quantum Cool, LLC in building new facility to rent to Cryomech, Inc.) to create and relocate to a new manufacturing facility in Dewitt, Onondaga County. The project will include constructing a new 76,000 sq.-ft. facility, purchasing furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and land acquisition. The new facility will allow Cryomech to both consolidate from 3 separate facilities into one and expand by nearly doubling the size of its current footprint. It will also allow for National Grid to provide additional power necessary for Cryomech to grow (additional power cannot be provided to current facilities). The project will add 19 jobs to its current workforce of 123.
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Cryomech, Inc.
Central New York
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