Photonics Industries Excelsior2X

Photonics is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech solid state lasers for the industrial and scientific market. The location for this project will be Photonics headquarters at 1800 Ocean Ave., Ronkonkoma NY. Photonics has recently invested 8+MM into a new manufacturing and office facility (in 2015). By increasing revenues and our footprint in the marketplace, Photonics is looking to initiate organic growth of the company, including new hiring in Long Island. Photonics has qualified for one round of Excelsior funding for capital expenditure and associated increased hiring, and is seeking another round for new expansion in plant and equipment. For this project, we are increasing the workforce in Production and R ;D, and associated capital expenditure to accomodate this growth in our factory, labs and offices on Long island
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Photonics Industries International, Inc.
Long Island
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