Steuben Foods Expansion

Steuben is pursuing an expansion of its current manufacturing facility, warehousing, and making machinery purchases. Speci?cally, Steuben is looking at opportunities to pursue a northeast warehouse expansion, a southwest processing expansion, and an expansion of its milk plant.

The Northeast warehouse expansion includes construction and preparation of approximately 82,500 square feet of structure with drive-in racking. It will include over 6,000 pallet rack spaces and is much needed to support increased volume production and growth at Steuben. The parking lot is also to be expanded to add additional employee parking spaces, and tractor trailer staging. This warehouse expansion also involves the purchase, installation, and implementation of a robotic palletizing system. Currently, Steuben utilizes third-party contractors to assist it in its palletizing process. This process involves the staging, wrapping, and securing of product on pallets. The installation of the robotic palletizing system will allow Steuben to increase the volume of product palletized, and more efficiently perform these tasks.

The southwest processing expansion includes various expansions to Steuben's blending and processing capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, the purchase and installation of ?exible blend systems, raw blend storage silos, processors, and clean-in-place systems, along with the creation of a utility room and expansion of natural gas supply.

The milk plant expansion project includes, but is not limited to, the construction and installation of additional receiving bays, 50,000 gallon silos, a cream tank, along with renovating a utility room and expanding a tank room.

As a result of these expansions, Steuben will be able fulfill demands for increased production capacity, which has been requested by current and prospective customers. Steuben estimates it will hire approximately 47 full-time skilled job position, including but not limited to various machine operators, maintenance employees, and blending operators, and will rely on third-party contractors to a lesser extent.
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Excelsior Jobs Program
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Western New York
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