Genesee County 2040 Strategy

Genesee County will be preparing an update to its outdated 1997 Comprehensive Plan. The majority of the 1997 plan s key recommendations have been implemented and a new or updated direction is needed. While the proposed update will include the standard contents of a Comprehensive Plan – County profile, vision, goals, strategies and recommendations – there will be a focus on economic development and community revitalization. Similarly the plan will be action-oriented and include a section on priority projects county-wide that will be complemented by an implementation plan and performance measurements. Key economic development focus areas will be in alignment with the Finger Lakes REDC s Strategic Plan and URI Plan and may include: Land Use with an emphais on economic development Agricultural Economic Development Downtown/Community Revitalization Infrastructure Workforce Development Housing Culture, Recreation and Tourism Community Engagement will also be an important component of the scope of the plan which will include a community driven and innovative process to involve all sectors of the County s population
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ESD - Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies
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Genesee County
Finger Lakes
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