Midwestern Pet Foods 2020

The 1st element is an automated slip sheet dispenser that will be utilized on the palletizer of the packaging line. Opportunities to address should be minimal involving reconfiguration of existing equipment. The expected outcome will be increased efficiency to the process. Cost of this element is $22,800 The 2nd element is a new storage structure on the east end of the facility. Opportunities to address minimal preparing of site for the new structure. The expected outcome is to move equipment currently stored in the facility to this new building, thus allowing more room for finished product storage. Expected cost of this element is $27,000 The 3rd element; most encompassing is the new main-hall roof. This is the main artery leading to all areas of the facility. Over the years it s been patched and added to a multitude of times, and has morphed into a multilevel area that is difficult to maintain. The expected outcome is a single level, solid, uniform roof that will add years of service/longevity to the facility. There will be issues and opportunities to address that the facility and contractors will work through. Expected cost of this element is $540,000.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Midwestern Pet Foods Inc
Southern Tier


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