Woodland Farm Brewery Expansion

The project involves a remodel of our current space and expansion into 1800 sqft of new space directly attached to our facility at 6002 Trenton Rd, Utica. The remodel will relocating our kitchen, moving our bar, and moving brewing operations into additional space next door which will add about 1200 sq ft of space in our taproom. As our occupancy will increase, we will also be remodeling our bathrooms to add toilet fixtures. In the additional space we will be moving our brewing production and associated equipment which will require refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, and construction work. New equipment being purchased as part of the project includes a glycol chiller, heat exchanger, and new taproom furniture/fixtures. This expansion is needed as our taproom occupancy limits the number of customers we can serve on a regular basis and especially during our peak hours by more than doubling or current occupancy. By relocating the brewing operations into the additional space, it will allow us to increase our production of beer so that we can better distribute our product and develop to our next goal of opening a second taproom location within the Mohawk Valley
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Woodland Farm Brewery
Mohawk Valley


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