Lindley Wood Expansion

Ongweoweh SCS Lindley, LLC ("Lindley") is a Wooden Pallet manufacturing facility located at 9625 Morgan Creek Road, Lindley NY 14858. The company is planning significant upgrades to the facility to include roof replacement and building insulation to assist with employee retention as well as improve utility costs through increased energy efficiencies as well as improvements to the manufacturing yard to decrease equipment wear and tear. In addition, Lindley will be upgrading 2 existing, automated nailing machines to continue operations and increase production. Lindley will also upgrade the dust collection system due to age.  This is a critical part of the production line and will promote increased safety and health standards for the employee and allow for reduced air emissions at the facility. These upgrades are necessary to continue business and increase the ability to take on additional business opportunities.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Ongweoweh Corp
Southern Tier


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