Cameo Theater Rehabilitation

On Point Productions has acquired and intends to renovate the Cameo Theater, located on the Eastside of Binghamton NY as the new "Cameo Center for Community Engagement" (3CE) a unique, multi-purpose facility that will serve as both an entertainment, arts and culture facility hosting, concerts, plays, movies - and as a training center for youth development and career education for both youth and adults. 3CE will also be a tourism, conference and convention venue for activities ranging from banquets, art shows, corporate and non-profit events, and professional development sessions. Realizing the revitalization of the Cameo will require investment along two strands: capital construction and renovation in first year funds and future programming funds. All construction and energy consumption and replacements will include LED lighting, energy safe windows, and equipment to reduce energy consumption and increase the buildings energy efficiency. An Architect and Design Plan has been completed making this project ready for development and construction. This enterprise will have a significant and pivotal impact on the vision for Binghamton’s East Side Neighborhood Revitalization.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Broome County Urban League Inc
Southern Tier


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