Clark Farmstead Creamery Expansion

Clark Farmstead Creamery is seeking $260,000 of financial assistance in order to undertake a $1.3M expansion project in order to triple production capacity of their licensed milk processing plant and creamery.  The project will enable them to cycle up production to meet existing demand, as well as to develop new cultured dairy product lines to increase diversification and pursue new market opportunities.  This projectwill also permit them to become an IMS rated facility under FDA regulations, allowing for interstate sales of dairy products. The project includes the acquisition and complete renovation of an existing 4,500 square foot building to USDA, NYS Ag & Markets and FDA code, the purchase and installation of $635,000 of new production machinery and equipment, and associated project costs. Through this project the existing creamery will additionally be converted into a cheese house to enable the production of cheese and other cultured dairy products. In addition to increasing production capacity and diversification, this project will allow Clark Farmstead Creamery to achieve production and distribution efficiencies and provide for enhanced food safety and quality.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Delaware County Economic Development
Southern Tier


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