Poly Craft Industries Relocation

Poly Craft Industries, a manufacturer of printed, high-end, flexible packaging, will build a new state-of-the-art 72,000 SF facility, twice the size of its current footprint, and relocate from Hauppauge to Middletown, NY to satisfy demand for its products. The acquisition site has 6.4 acres to accommodate a new efficiently-designed facility built for growth and houses an existing 28,000 SF building, currently leased, which will be renovated in 2-3 years as Phase 2 of the Project. In addition, an adjacent lot will be purchased as Phase 3 to build an additional 40-50,000 SF facility for the growth-minded company. Investment in new equipment such as a pouch machine, Inno Lok Zip machine, and digital presses will increase the company’s capabilities, advance its level of food certification, and make Poly Craft eligible for larger contracts enhancing its market competitiveness. An industry innovator, Poly Craft will have the warehouse space needed for bulk purchasing of expensive sustainable materials to improve their research and design capacity to further develop environmentally conscious packaging made from compostable films and resins from recycled or renewable materials.
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Empire State Development Grant Funds
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Poly Craft Industries, Inc.


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