Strand Theatre Restoration

The North Country Cultural Center for the Arts (NCCCA) is a non-profit, multi-arts organization whose mission is to Unite Arts and Community and serves the counties of Clinton, Essex and Northern Franklin Counties. The Historic Strand Theatre circa 1924, located in downtown Plattsburgh, is being restored into a performing arts center with preservation of its historical legacy a priority. Plattsburgh is the hub of Northern New York on the western shores of Lake Champlain and is underserved by the art and cultural venues prevalent in other regions. The Strand Theatre is listed on the State of New York and the National Registry of Historic Places. The funds will be used for: * Repair and pointing of the exposed bricks and terracotta tiles which have holes, cracks and areas of damage where birds and squirrels have taken up residence. * A complete exterior insulation system (EISF), which has already been approved and completed on the front facade of the building, must be installed. The EISF insulation system will make the building more energy efficient and reduce the current heat loss of the building. *The railings and wood caps for the balcony and niches and the historic lighting fixtures still in the theatre will be repaired and those missing will be replicated. *The seats and aisle lighting for the balcony will be replaced to match the new seating on the main floor. *Most of the original light fixtures of the Strand Theatre are missing, however we have one balcony sconce which needs repair and we will have to replicate the 3 that are missing. *6 original candelabra fixtures in the auditorium were painted black, which need stripped and rewired for use.
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Historic Property Acquisition, Development and Planning
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North Country Cultural Center of the Arts
North Country
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