Sherman Creek

New York Restoration Project is currently restoring for public use a 4-acre site on the Harlem River in northern Manhattan. Adjacent to PS 5 elementary school, the site was formerly used as a marina for private boat clubs and later as an illegal dump. A contiguous new park on Sherman Creek inlet will expand waterfront access, create recreational opportunities, and improve the quality of life and health of Manhattan?s largest, most impoverished community district. The new Sherman Creek Park will connect to NYRP?s Swindler Cove Park, in which we have been offering free programming since 2003. By building the new Sherman Creek Park, we will continue this record of positive development in the neighborhood. NYRP requests a grant to support planning and design costs of what we are calling ?Sherman Creek Phase II.? NYRP?s current goals for Sherman Creek Phase II include:? Master Plan services for 4 acres of Manhattan waterfront for the purpose of creating a contiguous network of parkland and public resources along the Harlem River; ? Environmental Assessment, construction documents, and permitting for the Sherman Creek Nature Trail, connecting Swindler Cove and the Sherman Creek Center, to be combined with the current Phase I clean-up and ecological restoration;? Design development, permitting, and construction documentation in accordance with the Master Plan for upland park development, creation of recreation and education facilities within the new park, and the improvement of infrastructure for water-based recreation activities (boat storage and boat launches).
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Park Acquisition, Development and Planning
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New York Restoration Project
New York City
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