North Country

North Country

2017 Call for Priority Projects

Deadline - July 28th, 2017

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Upstate Revitalization Initiative

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NCREDC Vision Statement

The North Country Will Lead the Economic Renaissance of New York State's Small Cities and Rural Communities

We will:
  • Energize our communities by building on growth in the aerospace, transit equipment, defense, biotech, energy, and manufacturing industries
  • Leverage our gateway to Canada, the nation’s largest trading partner, to lead the State in global investment
  • Attract and nurture entrepreneurs through innovation to catalyze the highest per capita rate of small business start-ups and expansions in the state
  • Invest in community development infrastructure that expands opportunities and capacity
  • Innovate effective rural healthcare and education delivery networks
  • Elevate global recognition of the region as one of the special places on the planet to visit, live, work and study
  • Activate tourism as a driver to diversify our economies by creating demand to accelerate private investment
  • Invest in agriculture as we help feed the region and the world
  • Create the greenest energy economy in the state

NCREDC CFA Funding Process Summary

NCREDC CFA Funding Process Summary

NCREDC CFA Funding Process Diagram - A flow-chart summary of the NCREDC CFA funding process

NCREDC CFA Funding Process Summary - This document explains the purpose of the Council’s involvement with CFAs, defines terms commonly used, and gives a summary of the CFA process.

Grants Gateway for Not-For-Profits

All not-for-profits must be prequalified through Grants Gateway to receive State funds. Click to learn more

Project Pipeline Information

Learn about the project pipeline for projects not ready to start but interested in the CFA process

Available Loan Funds

Learn about available loan funds in support of the NCREDC's Plan

Global North Country

Learn more about our strategies for the new Global NY initiative

NCREDC Opportunity Agenda Mapping Resource

Learn about the Opportunity Agenda Initiative and use the available mapping resource

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The North Country — A Great Place to Work, Live

The North Country region of Upstate New York spans an area of 11,420 square miles from the eastern shore of Lake Ontario to the western edge of Lake Champlain and from the shared border with Canada in the north to the southern end of Hamilton County. While Watertown, Plattsburgh and Ogdensburg are the major small cities in the region, manufacturing, farming, education and ecotourism can be found in many of the villages, towns and hamlets dotting the seven-county region. ... MORE



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