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The Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council envisions vibrant community centers that stand out as attractive places to live, work, and play. Our region will attract well-paying jobs in thriving industry sectors by setting the conditions for economic development to thrive. We will also cultivate a robust and skilled workforce through training, education, and the development of ample housing for people at every income level, all while protecting our treasured natural resources and expanding upon the attractions that make the Mid-Hudson region a uniquely dynamic and beautiful place for its residents and visitors.

LIVE: Seeks to revitalize the region’s many river, hilltop, and crossroads urban centers by encouraging activities that accelerate placemaking and promote environmental justice. Efforts in smart growth and transit-oriented development, downtown revitalization, workforce housing, and infrastructure improvements – including restoration, rehabilitation, and repurposing of existing assets and capitalizing on natural resources – will stimulate job creation, inspire innovation and retain and attract residents.

WORK: Seeks to attract and retain investment in the region’s mature and emerging clusters within the tradeable sectors of life sciences, advanced manufacturing, information technology, distribution, financial and professional services, and film & television production. The Council is focused on facilitating dialogue between these industries and the region's many educational institutions to create and maintain a pipeline for talent and to encourage innovation resulting from collaboration. Further, the Council continues to support the construction trades and diverse small business enterprises.

PLAY: Seeks to enhance residents’ quality of life and strengthen the region’s identity as a premier tourist destination due to its scenic beauty, abundant agritourism, flourishing food and beverage industry, rich arts and cultural scene, unique history, recreational assets, and proximity to New York City. Efforts within this strategy increase visitor spending and stimulate growth across related industries, including those in targeted tradeable sectors. Through this strategy the Council also encourages development in downtowns, which are popular with regional visitors and residents, further implementing the state priority of placemaking.

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