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Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council Adopts Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Endorsement Standards

Council also approves its Public Participation Plan and Priority Project Criteria
(September 16, 2011)

Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council Adopts Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Endorsement Standards

The Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council (MVREDC) convened today for its third meeting, which was open to the public. The meeting was attended by Lt. Governor Robert Duffy, and led by Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council co-chairs Bjong Wolf Yeigh, President of the SUNY Institute of Technology, and Larry Gilroy, President of Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy, Inc. During today’s session, the Council discussed and adopted its Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Endorsement Standard, which will serve as a guideline for the review and ranking of future applications. The CFA has been created to streamline and expedite the state assistance application process, and will act as the single entry point for accessing up to $1 billion in economic development funding from nine State agencies. By developing these endorsement standards early in the regional council’s strategic planning process, applicants can take them into account when preparing applications.

“Great progress has been made to date by the council and work group members and I thank them for their dedication to this strategic planning process,” said President of Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy, Inc. and Council co-chair Larry Gilroy. “We are beginning to receive important feedback from the public and stakeholders. However, we continue to encourage all community members from our six county region to get involved by participating in upcoming forums and visiting the website. The public’s feedback is critical to this Council’s goal of putting forth a comprehensive plan for the Mohawk Valley that will create jobs and grow our local economy for years to come”.

“I’m pleased with the progress the Council has made and the actions taken today, in keeping with a very aggressive schedule for completing all its work,” said President of the SUNY Institute of Technology and Council co-chair Bjong Wolf Yeigh. “The forums throughout the region later this month will encourage further public participation in this important process, building on the significant engagement that’s already taken place.”

In addition, the Mohawk Valley Regional Council updated and adopted its Public Participation Plan, which includes a series of meetings for the public, a series of smaller topic-specific meetings, public surveys, and the use of social media and the Council’s website. The Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council will conduct three public forums around the region starting next week. They are as follows: Monday, September 19, Utica; Wednesday, September 28, Amsterdam; and Thursday, September 29, Cooperstown. The Council’s goal is to integrate public opinion into the strategic planning process to design an economic development plan that reflects the local communities’ vision for job creation and economic opportunity. The Public Participation Plan will aim to:

  • Execute a public participation program that engages stakeholders in all six counties in the region.
  • Establish awareness of the mission, process and goals of the MVREDC.
  • Communicate the work of the MVREDC and its workgroups including information on the resources used and rationale for its recommendations.
  • Gather information on how well the Council’s proposed strategies meet local needs and interests.
  • Communicate how the strategic plan leverages community assets and capabilities.
  • Provide easy access to information.
  • Provide mechanisms for public feedback.
  • Create opportunities for community dialogue.
  • Document public participation and input.

The Council continues to encourage public participation and feedback through outreach, community meetings, forums, and online at The CFA Endorsement Standard and Public Engagement Strategy will also be available on the website.

The next regular scheduled meeting for the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council will be Thursday, October 6 at 8:30 a.m. at SUNY Cobleskill.

The Mohawk Valley Regional Council, which is comprised of a diverse group of approximately 30 area leaders from the private and public sectors, labor, chambers of commerce, higher education, and community-based organizations, is working to create a five-year strategic plan for economic development in Herkimer, Oneida, Otsego, Schoharie, Montgomery and Fulton counties. The strategic plan will provide a regional vision for economic development, address critical issues and opportunities, and lay out an implementation roadmap for future growth.

Through their strategic planning process, the Councils will identify and expedite priority projects that demonstrate the greatest potential for job growth. As part of the initiative, up to $1 billion in state resources will be accessible to eligible economic development projects through existing program grants and tax credits.

The Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council is one of ten regional councils across New York that will serve as single points of contact for economic activity in each region. Created by Governor Cuomo, the Regional Economic Development Councils represent a fundamental shift in the state's approach to economic development—from a top-down development model to a community-based approach that emphasizes regions' unique assets, harnesses local expertise, and empowers each region to set plans and priorities.