Danfoss Silicon Power, along with Commissioner Howard Zemsky, welcomed their first employees to join the newly formed advanced power module production in Utica, NY.. The technology will create smaller, faster, and more effective electronic devices that are expected to revolutionize the technology in solar and wind energy, data centers and future generations of electric and hybrid cars. Danfoss Silicon Power leased approximately 29,000 SF of cleanroom space in the Quad C in Marcy for 10-years. FSMC will spend up to $70 Million to equip the cleanroom with SiC packaging tools and equipment, build out office and logistics space for Danfoss, and will also spend up to $30 Million on central utility building support equipment and infrastructure to allow the cleanroom to function. The total NYS investment for this phase is $100 Million. Danfoss will employ a minimum of 300 scientists, engineers and technicians to build the modules there.  GE will provide R&D staff within the Danfoss leasehold area.