Upstate Niagara purchased the Campbell facility in 2017 and currently produces 1,000,000 pounds of Italian cheeses weekly.  The existing product lines are mozzarella, string cheese, ricotta, and fresh curd which is 16% of the Italian Cheeses manufactured in the state.  The company is planning to increase production volume by 16 million pounds by the end of 2023 by investing into modernization and equipment upgrades.  The company will also install a third String Cheese packaging line and a bulk mozzarella packing line that will allow them to be more competitive in the pizza cheese supply chain.  The project also includes plant infrastructure upgrades.  The upgrades include new piping and controls systems and a denitrification system allowing the company to properly treat the increase in plant waste water and improve the effluent being discharged.  The company currently employs 167 and the proposed investment will create an additional 31 production jobs and retain 17.  This project will result in an additional 175,000,000 pounds of milk needed annually creating an additional 198 indirect jobs.