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Western New York Regional Economic Development Announces Construction on Next Phase of Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail

(August 05, 2014)

Western New York Regional Economic Development Announces Construction on Next Phase of Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail

The Western New York Regional Economic Development Council (WNYREDC) today announced that the City of Jamestown is beginning construction on the next phase of the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail (GJRT). The work to expand the trail is partially funded with a $499,955 award from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council initiative.

“Investing in the quality of public infrastructure will draw visitors and residents alike to the City of Jamestown and Western New York,” said WNYREDC Co-Chair and University of Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi. “The WNYREDC has placed a strong emphasis on the tourism industry, as well as community development, and so it is only fitting that we were able to support the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail.”

“The WNYREDC has been hard at work facilitating the growth of our tourism products and public space throughout the region and we will continue that work,” said WNYREDC Co-Chair and Larkin Development Group Managing Partner Howard Zemsky. “This Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail is a much applauded concept that will connect all areas of the city and lead to a sustainable, healthy and attractive asset for Jamestown when fully complete.”

“I would like to thank Governor Andrew Cuomo, the members of the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council, and the State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Office for funding this major part of the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail through the State’s Environmental Protection Fund,” said Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi. “This Phase VI portion of the Riverwalk will develop trails on both the north and south sides of the Chadakoin River, enable construction of scenic vistas that look out over the waterway, include the installation of two new playgrounds, and completely renovate the historic McCrea Point Boat Landing Park. We will also be able to place signage along the entire trail system and use map kiosks and storyboards to link the historic past of the river with the present.”

The Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail is intended to improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists in the city. The project includes constructing new asphalt paths around the perimeter of McCrea Point Boat Landing Park as well as from West Third Street to Jones and Gifford Avenue along the east side of the Chadakoin River. New way-finding signage will be installed along the entire Riverwalk, including map kiosks and storyboards denoting the history of the Chadakoin River and City of Jamestown. Scenic vistas will be constructed along Steele Street near the Third and Sixth Street Bridges, as well as along the east side of the river between West Third Street and Jones and Gifford Avenue. New playgrounds will be installed in the vista on Steele Street near the Third Street Bridge and McCrae Point Boat Landing. Additionally, rehabilitation and reconstruction of nearly three miles of existing walkways will take place along Steele Street, Jones and Gifford Avenue, Third Street, Lafayette Street and Washington Street.

“I applaud the Western New York Regional Economic Council for recognizing the importance of the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail to Jamestown’s economy and quality of life,” said Rose Harvey, Commissioner of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. “Local trails and recreational facilities are building blocks of economically vibrant, livable communities.”

Senator Catharine Young said, "The Riverwalk Trail is a great project that will make Jamestown an even more attractive community to live and raise a family. New York State and Jamestown are working together to keep this quality-of-life initiative moving forward into the next phase. Like everyone in Jamestown, I eagerly look forward to its completion and the tremendous addition it will be for our city."

Assemblyman Andrew Goodell said, “The Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Trail will support both the economic revitalization and well-being of the City of Jamestown by connecting residents and neighborhoods. The trail promotes the historical significance of the route and highlights the natural resources of Jamestown as part of a recreational and economic development strategy. Senator Young and I are pleased to support this effort and thank Mayor Sam Teresi, the New York State Parks, and all the other involved individuals and groups for helping Jamestown and its residents benefit from this wonderful trail.”

In 2011, Governor Cuomo redefined the State’s approach to economic development by establishing 10 Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) across the State. The REDC and Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process have transformed economic development in New York State, creating a statewide framework for bottom-up regional economic growth. As part of the process, the City of Jamestown was awarded $499,955 from the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation’s Environmental Protection Fund, which assists in the development of parks and recreational facilities or historic preservation projects.

About the Regional Economic Development Councils

The Regional Economic Development Council initiative (REDC) is a key component of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s transformative approach to State investment and economic development. In 2011, Governor Cuomo established 10 Regional Councils to develop long-term strategic plans for economic growth for their regions. The Councils are public-private partnerships made up of local experts and stakeholders from business, academia, local government, and non-governmental organizations. The Regional Councils have redefined the way New York invests in jobs and economic growth by putting in place a community-based, bottom up approach and establishing a competitive process for State resources. After three rounds of the REDC process, more than $2 billion has been awarded to job creation and community development projects consistent with each region’s strategic plans, supporting the creation or retention of more than 100,000 jobs. For more information on the Regional Councils, visit