Western New York 2019 Letters of Interest


Priority Project: Request for Letters of Interest

    In preparation for the next round of Consolidated Funding Application (CFA), not yet announced, the WNY REDC will continue to promote and accept Letters of Interest (LOI) from interested applicants as a means of identifying high quality projects earlier and offering CFA technical assistance throughout the application process.



    The WNY Regional Economic Development Council is seeking brief letters of interest from applicants interested in submitting a project for the next round of the Regional Council Consolidated Funding Application (CFA). The letter of interest is voluntary and not a required step in the CFA process. The purpose of this outreach is to begin the process of identifying high quality CFA’s earlier in the year allowing for more time to identify priority projects and offer CFA technical assistance to applicants before the CFA deadline (not yet announced).


    Alignment with Regional Strategies

    It is highly recommended that interested applicants review the goals, strategies & criteria for projects in the WNY REDC Strategic Plan, A Strategy for Prosperity, in addition to, the slate of previously supported projects in each of the annual Progress Reports, prior to submitting a letter of interest. These documents are available for download:


    Our Response

    Once a proposal is received, it will be reviewed for strategic alignment and readiness. Projects may be invited to present a brief “pitch” to the Regional Council at an upcoming Council meeting. The Council will then have the opportunity to offer support for the project by encouraging the pursuit of a CFA and offering technical assistance to help insure a successful final application. Projects that are not invited to meet with Council will be advised on ways to improve their proposal.


    For Technical Assistance please contact Mo Sumbundu at 716-846-8347 or mo.sumbundu@esd.ny.gov

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